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Swiftco Trailers Pty Ltd stock Single Hull, Jet Ski and Shark Cat high quality boat trailers built in Australia for Australian conditions and has been 'The Trusted Name Since 1975' in boat trailers. Our Boat Trailers are "Hot Dip" galvanised, which means that we give it the best chance against the cruel sea. Stainless and galvanised bolts are used where necessary and the wheels are also hot-dipped galvanised.

The trailer lights are also the latest type, fully submersible with LED technology so they are very bright and long lasting so you never need to change a light globe again. The wheel guards are welded steel, not cheap & weak plastic, so you can stand on 'em while loading/working on the boat without fear of breaking them.

We supply boat trailers from 3.60m to 7.60m for Boats and Jetski's they are made of steel and then galvanizing inside and outside of the surface.

Boat Trailer Finder

Select the right boat trailer for your boat with our unique boat trailer finder by simply entering the length from bow to transom of your boat.

Barracuda Boat Trailers

Boat Trailers come in a roller type or skid type trailer design and are suitable for boats from 3.6 metres to 7.6 metres.

Tinnie Trailers

Our Tinnie Trailers are Heavy Duty Chassis Galvanised Trailers, built to last. They range from 3.0m to 3.6m our largest trailer.

Box Trailers

Our Box trailers are Heavy Duty Chassis Galvanised, built to last. Ranging from 7ft x 4ft to 8ft x 5ft our largest trailer with cage 500mm high sides.

Camper Trailers

Swiftco Camper Trailers

Jet Skit Trailers

Our Jetski trailers are based on tried and true designs for stability, performance and durability, so you get the best value for your buck.

Shark Cat Trailers

Our Shark Cat Boat Trailers are custom made for Shark Cat boats from 18 to 24.5 ft long. Complete the enquiry form and get an instant quote!

Ramp Trailers

Our Ramp or dolly trailers range.

Off Road Trailers

Our Off Road Trailers are Heavy Duty Chassis Galvanised Trailers, built to last. They range from 4m to 5m our largest trailer.

Boat Trailer Parts

We offer our complete boat trailers parts and accessories. You can buy any piece of our Boat Trailers that you want.